About Dim Media

Dim Media is a Twin Cities based multimedia collaborative. The ensemble combines the styles and talents of Charles Denton, Blaine Garrett, Ivy Sendrijas and Joe Lipscomb. Primarily painters, the group also works in illustration, animation, and writing. They publish their own zine “Coffee Crumbs”, a series of children books, paint live for local musicians, and record a podcast. Their individual styles are as diverse as the places they’ve exhibited work: local venues including galleries, coffee shops, an acupuncture clinic, downtown night clubs and salons.

Meet the Artists

Charles Charles Denton started doodling in the 2nd grade where he ended up spending many recesses indoors forced to clean the drawings off on his desk.  He got wise and kept his sketches in the margins of his homework.  Contrary to belief, this did not help improve his grades.  Somewhere down the road, Charles went onto study Fine Arts at the University of Marathon County, and the University of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  He made a short, but enjoyable living as a freelance painter, and moved to the Twin Cites to co-found Dim Media with Joe Lipscomb.
Now residing in the Midway of St Paul, Charles defines his process of painting and creating as the means of “discovery to refinement.”  Metaphorically it is the Archaeology of Art, where he surveys and excavates the canvas to find what might be revealed within.  Then it’s only a matter of rendering to belief.




Blaine Blaine Garrett Blaine Garrett grew up in Northwest Wisconsin and moved to Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota where he graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and a minor in art. Art was his passion from an early age but he developed a strong interest in software and Internet technologies in high school. Having long been a drawer and painter, he has more recently been experimenting with other mediums such as concrete, fluorescents, as well as digital mediums.

As the founder and former Executive Director of the non-profit Adamantine Arts and as a member of Dim Media since 2007, Blaine has been a part of numerous exhibitions and worked with a variety of organizations including Articulture, Virtual Warrior Ink, and Stevens Square Center for the Arts



Joe Joe Lipscomb Joe Lipscomb is a working artist living in Northeast Minneapolis. He attended University of Wisconsin Marathon County before earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. During college, Joe Lipscomb co-founded Dim Media with Charles Denton and self published children’s story “Fortune Afloat”. In 2005
he became president of the board of directors of Adamantine Arts, formerly Art Attack, a non-profit Minneapolis based arts community.
He continues to collaborate and exhibit with Dim Media and Virtual Warrior Ink. Joe toggles between painting and digital media.

Ivy Sendrijas Ivy’s work can be seen as a visual feast of provoking erotic disturbing cuteness. Using her skills to reach into the dim shadows of humanity’s fear and emotion, Ivy contorts tenderness with the grim in a surreal mix of playful and alluring imagery. With brush strokes of grace and class, Ivy delicately lures the audience into her thoughtful seductive imagination.







“For those that don’t know dim media, or understand visual art let me explain these guys. An artist is someone who makes and creates what he sees, feels or reflects, it is lucid state, or funtime* They put hard time & thought and most try to be individual as this gives them a stronger voice in a choir.

Dim Media is a collective, they work on something, and then pass it around and others alter and change what they just spent an hour doing. This is so intelligent, not only do they break a barrier that most will live their entire lifetime and still not realize, from the start, from the get go, they break it, they understand it, and continue.

Their work in the exhibit reflects this, you can’t even tell who did what, or what is where because its all one dream. One dreamland, or one mind. A connection. They have achieved this and humbly present their masterful work. Not only does it reflect individualism or self-expression, it is a collage of change and transition. It is a stamp of time, their friendship and talents, signature. Style. Class. Immortal. Great work.”

- Jacob Alexander