Dim Media specializes in live painting for concerts, charity events, private parties, conferences, and more. Live painting is a unique and exciting type of performance art that adds a distinct creative element to your event. Dim media has helped raise thousands of dollars for local charities through the auctioning of pieces created during fundraiser events.

About our Process

Rates and Pricing

  • 1-2 hours – $60 per hour
  • 3+ hours – $40 per hour

Note: Above rates do not include a flat setup/tear down fee of $50. Setup typically takes 30 – 60 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions we receive.

Q:Will the artwork be dry by the end of the night?
A: Since we use acrylic paint and fast drying inks, paintings typically take no more than 30 minutes to be dry enough to safely handle. This means that pieces for auctions, etc are able to be taken home at the end of the evening.

Q: How many artists will be painting?
A: Depending on your event’s needs, we can have up to four artists working simultaneously. However, our typical setup is two artists.

Q: How much room do you need?
A: With our typical two artist setup, we up an area approximately 10′x4′.


Dim Media’s “Live Painting” was a wonderful addition to our event! Not only did they donate a beautiful painting and raise money for the cats, they were also extremely professional and easy to work with. No muss, fuss or mess, AND they helped carry the donation out to the car for the people who won it in our Live Auction. We highly recommend having Dim Media provide this unique experience to your next event!

– Christine E Dietsche, The Wildcat Sanctuary Programs Coordinator