Artist Statement

Dim Media is a versatile art “collaborative”, rather than a “collective”, that specializes in creating unified artwork by literally painting over each other’s brushstrokes. This ensemble of Charles Denton, Ivy Sendrijas, Blaine Garrett, and Joe Lipscomb creates art forms in multiple genres including nonrepresentational abstraction, pop art portraiture, and experimental comic illustration.

Although the collaborative initially plans each painting series, improvisation plays an important role in creating their capricious imagery. The Dim Media ensemble prefers to embed the experience of painting into their illustrations as opposed to following a color by number formula. Because it is impossible to capture every subtlety of any particular moment on canvas, these artists embrace the transformative qualities of transferring multiple experiences onto paintings that become their own unique entity.

The artists in Dim Media are constantly finding new methods and outlets for collaboration. Besides exhibiting fine art work, the ensemble has published a children’s story “Fortune Afloat”, a drink recipe guide titled “Booze Monkeys: The Bartender” and “Coffee Crumbs”, a quarterly zine showcasing comics and illustrated short stories. In the near future they plan to explore other media including short animation, podcast programming, and interactive artwork.